hi fuad, the pydna custom pythohn library is for internal use only. it's not available for the public at this time. thank you for asking.

The following topics will be covered:

1. Main Questions?
2. Building RESTful API Web Services with the Flask Microframework.
3. Testing C# to consume a simple Python RESTful API Web Service.
4. Developing Flask RESTful API Web Services for Image Classification.
5. Base64 Image Encoding/Decoding — simple and good still!
6. Simple Image Preprocessing.
7. Machine Learning Model Deserialization.
8. JSON Data Class Encapsulation.
9. Debugging Python RESTful API Web Services.
10. A Simple Python OOP Design for Machine Learning Projects.
11. Implementing Class Interface in Python — a big issue without no reasons!
12. Unit Tests in Machine Learning Projects.
13. Image Classification RESTful API Web Service — complete code!
14. Conclusions…

Python Data Ecosystem is the most popular package of libraries and frameworks for Data Science projects using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms today. It includes more than 1000+ developed libraries and frameworks. A huge Python international community from all around the world is constantly maintaining existing and developing new libraries and frameworks in Python programming language.

Being able to apply Machine Learning algorithms to business decisions is very important for companies today. When and how companies should apply Machine Learning algorithms based on their existing software and hardware infrastructure? Suppose you work for a company where the main programming language implementation…

A couple of weeks ago I was working on an image processing project using OpenCV (CV- Computer Vision) library using C# and Python. Right away after a couple of minutes of googling, I found many bad links with terrible C# and Python code. I was very surprised about this. There was a time when all my Application Developer friends were saying “Google is my friend”. Now, some of them are saying “be careful with Google”. It’s very sad to see how sharing computer information has completely changed in the last few years. Bad ‘spaghetti code’ exists all over the place…

Ernest Bonat, Ph.D.

Senior Software Engineer and Senior Data Analyst. I have been specialized in Data Analytics and Machine Learning using Python Data Ecosystem.

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